Who is CANDY SENSE and what we do?

Who is CANDY SENSE and what we do?

Who we are & what we do?

For more than 40 years of experience venturing into the Sweet world of confectionery advertising, we have met great companies, brave entrepreneurs and excellent people with huge human and intellectual capacity; each one of them attending the market necessities and innovating with great business models in a unique and admirable way.

Throughout these years, we have had the opportunity to witness firsthand all the challenges that our society has presented to these businesses, the same challenges that have been accomplished and even overcome by far, thanks to the technological advances created in recent decades, to the great and ambitious entrepreneurial minds, and finally, to the use of new low-cost tools that were previously impossible to

Like our clients did, we also took on the task of innovating, offering more and better quality products, new flavors, new personalizable presentations, the introduction of call-to-action strategies (like QR-Codes, Promo codes or lucky phrases), instock designs (seasonal or occasional designs) and finally, increasing our production capacity with a more technological, automated new factory with the ability to meet all volume needs.

Everything is about TRUST

The trust that our customers have in us, is actually a reaction to the quality of our work, fast shipping, affordable product prices, negotiation flexibility and excellent customer service that we have provided and evolved as our customers have needed it. 

Today, at Candy Sense, we can boast that we have more than 4,500 customers spread across the United States of America, Mexico and Canada. All these customers belongs to almost all business niches, being mainly restaurants, the same category where we include bars and cafes.


Why have our clients trusted in Candy Sense so much?

The answer is easy, we do not want to see ourselves conceited, but… our main goal is not to sell only a candy or only a mint, but quite the opposite. We sell experiences; products specially designed to maximize the service value of our clients within their own consumer experience, that is, from the moment their consumer arrives at the establishment, until the consumer leaves the business (in the case of ecommerce; since consumers receive the order from our client).
It is in this way, that our candy wrappers will open a range of actions and possibilities that will give more meaning to the action of “giving a candy”, how it could well be, open a food menu, bill consumption immediately answer a NPS survey, download an app or song, redeem a discount and so much more. 
This is why our customers trust in Candy Sense. Apart from the excellent quality of our products, our advanced printing technology, our flexibility with MOQ´s; we offer an integrated strategy in the aforementioned, which we are sure it will help to increase the Life Time Value of the customers of our clients.



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